Former description:  WATF (Web Application Testing Framework) emulates 
browser with JavaScript support (aka IE, or Netscape) and provides
convenient testing facilities for verification of JavaScript-based
applications. It is designed to be used for developers, who use
JavaScript for their projects intensively.

WATF was developed by Actimind during preliminary phase of one of our
research projects. It helped us to verify effectiveness of front-end
regression testing of Web Applications. This phase is over and WATF
is no longer distributed. Honestly speaking, this framework was a very
immature to be able to test complex enough applications.

However, we've proved that test automation can be cost-effective for
the particular types of web applications and we are continuing working
in this direction. Currently we're working on actiWATE - freeware Web
Application Testing Environment that is supposed to be a final result
of this part of our R&D work.

If you would like to know more about the actiWATE, please visit
actiWATE's home page at or contact
our R&D department by

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here before, including but not limited to software code, documentation, 
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